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Skin Therapy at Home That Really Works for a Glowing Face

Beauty spa or professional services provided by private studios or specialists are no more the only options for Skin Therapy.

It is possible now to get the skin treatments at the comforts of the home by using natural remedies which entail awesome results.

Skin Therapy is increasingly becoming popular among the Indian housewives who are able to garner the same professional look and the glow by nurturing and experimenting the year old home grown remedies and using relaxation techniques of Yogas and Pranayams.

How to use the Skin Therapy at Home That Really Works for attaining a glowing face and perfect skin is not that easy.

Even with proper skin protection and daily use of efficient skin products, the dermis of the skin may still appear old, boring and lifeless.

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What could be the cause?

Females are much more susceptible to hormonal imbalance than men. During menopausal stage or premenstrual period, the body produces unhealthy levels of estrogens.

Dry skin and even the oily skin confuses the functions of the sebaceous glands.

Nearly all women who’re undergoing premenstrual period experience the excessive production of sebum which leads to the appearance of pimples and acne.

On the other hand, menopausal women often encounter dermis dryness. Proper moisturization of skin tissues is essential to stop their damage.

So what are the Skin Therapy options for the ladies at home? How to achieve the same professional look and care at home by not spending a thousand bucks provided by professionals at beauty clinics.

Remember, everything is manageable and possible for achieving a glowing outlook if you are not suffering from a medical condition of the skin. It is equally applicable for both men and women.

Before we deliberate upon more and more on the priorities of the skin therapy, it is important for us to have an insight of the various skin conditions.

It is important to be aware of the first skin signs of the depilating conditions. It may warrant intervention by a skin doctor or at most of the time paved the way for easy management at home by using natural remedies.

Skin Conditions

Five most important signs of the skin conditions that may be visible or draw attention are as follows.

1. Unsolicited Hair Loss

patchy hairs

It is time for becoming conscious and alert if you witness patchy hairs.

It may be a sign of autoimmune diseases named alopecia areata. At the seat of the problem, secretions from the thyroid gland may be the cause.

As Jorizzo puts out, “Prognosis is very good if there is just one little circle, but if they lose their eyebrows or eyelashes, or if it goes around the bottom of the scalp, the condition is likely to be more chronic.”

2. Abnormalities of Nails

Abnormalities of Nails

Someone has rightly said that nails are the mirrors of various health conditions.

Healthy and rosy nails often preclude a vibrating and glowing skin. On the other hand clubbing, brittle splitting nails or nail ridges are the cause of concern and one should immediately see the doctor for finding out the health condition.

Obviously, proper treatment for the sickness is necessary before the skin therapy for a glowing skin.

3. Infections

Infections of skin

In our day to day life, due to various reasons, we are very susceptible to various kinds of infections.

All kinds of infections must be treated and cured, but here we are mainly concerned with the skin related infections.

Different types of skin infections cause disfigurements and therefore they warrant immediate attention of the health professionals.

It is important to diagnose all the health related issues and cure it before starting any skin therapy.

4. Butterfly Rash

Butterfly Rash

Butterfly Rash is named because of its affliction in the shape of a butterfly.

In medical terms, it is more popularly known as Malar Rash. It is usually found on the bridge of the nose and the cheeks.

It is usually seen in lupus erythematosus and is not pathognomonic.

Butterfly Rash can be also seen in other diseases such as pellagra, dermatomyositis and Bloom syndrome. Such condition of the skin should be always treated by a skin doctor.

5. Skin Cancers

These are the afflictions of the extremes. It requires treatment by the medical professionals.

Nowadays enough developments have occurred in the medical field. There are enough facilities to treat and cure the skin cancers on their early diagnosis.

Apart from the above discussed five skin conditions, there are much more, but they are not here the subject of discussion. When you approach a health professional, they will take care of all these problems.

Before the start of the skin therapy, we must properly understand our skin conditions, Skin discoloration is also an important skin condition.

Skin Discoloration

Women are more predisposed towards pigmentation problems. Menopausal women are more predisposed towards wound formation.

Formation of injuries increases the number of wrinkles development This is related to the decrease in collagen production of collagen.

The skin loses the proteins that support dermis tissues.

Saggy dermis Condition

Since collagen isn’t abundant in the system anymore, the dermis tissues succumb to the force of gravity.

Given that you know the bad aftereffects of hormonal difference to the skin, you must instantly try to resolve this problem.

For much more serious hormonal concerns, we must always look for hospital treatments. The physician can prescribe bodily hormone replacement therapy.

Natural Skin Therapy

Natural treatments like participating in physical activities also help a lot in the improvement of skin conditions.

Exercise may stabilize creation of hormones, enhance blood circulation and distribute fluid within the body evenly.

In addition, drink plenty of water to counteract the results of skin dryness.

You have to provide more humidity to skin tissues to avoid tissue damages.

In addition look for a reliable moisturizing item in order to avoid skin sagging and wrinkles. Choose a moisturizer laden with CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame, and Manuka Honey.

CynergyTK is an element extracted in the wool of sheep. This ingredient is composed of functional keratin, a type of protein required for collagen production.

Phytessence Wakame can be a seaweed that may preserve acid hyaluronic.

Manuka honey is what you should use to keep the skin hydrated.

Why at first place Skin problems occur?

Apart from above discussed various skin conditions and the causes, there may be simple yet important reasons for the skin problems to occur.

Before any skin therapy begins at home, it is important to understand these underlying causes and get rid of them. These causes are as follows.

  • You are not a hygiene oriented person and does not clean your skins regularly.
  • You are lethargic and leading a sedentary life.
  • Your diet is not of a balanced kind and invariably lack nutrients essential for a glowing skin.
  • You are not taking adequate quantities of water.
  • You are not taking adequate sleep.

Tips to get a glowing skin naturally

Skin Therapy could begin at the comforts of home and by utilizing home grown remedies. There are natural ways to cleanse and beautify the skin. They are as follows.

1. Adequate Moisturization of Dry Skin

Moisturization of Dry Skin

Dry Skin is one of the most common skin conditions and requires adequate moisturization to claim back the natural glow.

Dry skin often causes itchiness and a flaky look. A Proper diet full of green vegetables and fruits and just enough amount of healthy fats helps naturally to hydrate the skin.

Use of external herbal face packs and creams also help to moisturize the dry skin of the face and other body parts.

2. Exfoliating of Skin

Exfoliating of Skin

Exfoliating of your skin is a very important part of Skin Therapy at home. You should follow it religiously as it helps to get rid of the dead cells of the skin.

Dead cells clog the epidermis and the skin is unable to breathe properly. In turn, it causes aging and prevalence of dull skin. Therefore use proper scrubbers at home to exfoliate the skin.

3. Skin Toning

Skin Toning

One of the important aspects of skin therapy at home is skin toning. The skin pores often get widened and enlarged due to various reasons such as aging and environmental conditions.

It is time now to tone up the skin naturally. To prepare a skin toner at home use the following method.

Use about 50 gms of unpolished rice and soak them for overnight in a clean water. In the morning, sieve the water and store it in a bottle.

You can use this water as a natural toner which helps to tighten the widened pores of skin magically giving you a toned up look.

4. Skin Soothing

Skin Soothing

The appearance of rashes and itching always cause your skin to inflate a bit and give you a saggy look. Therefore it is important to use skin softeners to mollify the condition.

Aloe Vera gel induces a soothing effect to heal such skin conditions.

Use this gel on the various parts of the skin and cleanse it with cold water after around 30 minutes to get a tighter and fresh look.

5. Get Rid of Sun Tan

Sun Tan

Removing suntan is an important aspect of skin therapy. Undesired exposure of skin to the sun for a prolonged period causes sun tanning.

To treat such condition, you must prepare anti-tanning pack at home and use it efficiently.

Ingredients of Anti-tanning Pack

  • 2 tablespoons, gram flour
  • 1 tablespoon, lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon, sandalwood powder
  • Fresh Cream, 1 teaspoon
  • A pinch of turmeric powder

Mix all the above ingredients evenly in a bowl and apply on the tanned part of the skin. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

Frequent use of the above tan-pack will get you rid of sun-tanning.

Use of above Skin Therapy helps you to acquire a velvety, smooth glow to the facial skin and other parts of the body.

Skin Therapy at Home That Really Work for a Glowing Face and radiating skin is a boon to homely ladies. They can prepare these natural remedies at home without visiting the costly spa and beauty clinics.


Skin Therapy by natural means has become an important activity of our life. This is equally applicable for both the sexes and people from almost all the age groups. Who does not want to look good, fresh, tidy, smart and beautiful?

If you practice and use the prescribed home therapies, you will certainly achieve the evident result in a short period of 10 days time.

I have tried my best to deliberate at length the topic ‘Skin Therapy at Home That Really Works for Glowing Face’ in my best way. I have sought the advice of some of the experienced professionals dealing at the beauty clinics.

Hope this article will help you to understand various issues of Skin Therapy for a Glowing Face and will help to overcome the problems. I will recommend you to seek the help of the health workers if you are suffering from some of the serious skin problems.

Do let me know if you have some tips or suggestions about the article which can help us to understand the topic in a better way. Please drop your suggestions in the comment boxes.

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