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Let Us Find Out How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast

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Say Goodbye To Back Pain, Here’s How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast In Natural Way

If you just make a survey around your locality or into in your community, you will be astonished with the fact that almost more than 75% of the population suffer cervical or lumbar pain in their life time. Lumbar pain is more prominent with growing age however recent studies point a disturbing sample that quite a sizable numbers are found even in the younger lots. In this scenario the most obvious question is How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast ?

How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast


The spine of the human is broadly divided into cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. It consists of a complex system of vertebrae (of which 7 cervical, 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar mobile), cartilage, ligaments and nerve roots. Vertebral column consists of vertebrae form a shielded canal through which the spinal cord and nerves of the arms and legs passes through.

Causes of Symptoms

Because of one or more reasons like life style (sedentary habits), work style (working for long hours in a particular postures), injuries or even due to degenerative changes, one may face problems of cervical or lumbar spondylosis which causes acute pain and may be with times develop into chronic painful conditions.

Treatment and Control for How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast ?

In this article, we are going to deliberate upon Comfrey which is also known as a magic herb and has got many medicinal properties.

Comfrey to get rid of lower back pain


Botanical name: Symphytum officinale
Family: Boraginaceae (Forget-me-not family)
Synonyms: Symphytum uliginosum
Common name: Comfrey, In Hindi “sankooTan” संकूटन, In Tamil: மூக்குத்தி பூ Mookuthi Poo


Comfrey roots look black and turnip-like shaped, leaves look hairy and broadened and small bell-shaped AND its flowers are pinkish, white or purple colored. It is a perennial herb and is widely known for  its medicinal properties. Because of its medicinal values, some people even call it a ‘magic herb’. Its various parts are known to cure many ailments like gastric problems, bronchial problems, skin problems and bone related problems. More about Comfrey can be learnt from here .


Its root extracts have been clinically proven, as an excellent medicine for curing acute pain. It has been published in the British Journal also, Comfrey is used to treat in chronic pain conditions of upper as well as lower spine. They are equally helpful in the degenerative changes of spine in older people which causes the pain. Comfrey is said to be extensively used for treating painful condition of Cervical (neck) as well as Lumbar(lower back) spondylosis. The root extracts of this magic herb has got anti inflammatory, tissue regenerating and analgesic properties. Therefore It can be used in bruises, sprains and muscle related pains. Apart from following natural treatment procedures for back pain mild yogic exercises should be regularly performed to reap Benefits of Yoga for Women and Men.

How to Prepare Comfrey Oil:

You can take the following ingredients to prepare the Comfrey Oil.

8 oz comfrey leaf (70%)
4 oz comfrey root (30%)
Organic extra virgin olive oil, approx. 15-20 ounces
Cut into pieces the root and the leaves of Comfey. Put these herbs into a glass jar filled with Olive oil. Shake well the whole substance and cap it firmly. Keep the jar for one month undisturbed at normal temperature and humid conditions. After a month take out the jar, pour the contents on a clean cotton cloth and strain the oil by rubbing, squeezing and thrashing it. The oil so strained is your Comfrey Oil. You can use it to relieve various painful condition of the body.
Various products of Comfrey Plant is available on Amazon like Complete Tissue & Bone Massage Oil, Doctor Burt’s Ointment, Comfrey Oil Organic and Comfrey Calming Body Cream etc. to deal with the question of How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast ?
Note: Comfrey has toxic property therefore oral use is strictly prohibited and enough care should be taken from the reach of children.

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