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After Quitting Smoking How to Clean Lungs to Achieve Perfect Health

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Smokers or Ex-Smokers: After Quitting Smoking How to Clean Lungs

There is no doubt and absolutely it is now a proven fact that smoking is harmful to our bodies, It has serious ill effects on us and to be little brute, it ultimately kills us. It creates toxicity in our lungs and we suffer serious consequences of it. Whether you are a smoker or even an ex-smoker, after years of smoking the question is After Quitting Smoking How to Clean Lungs ? In other words how to detoxify it. Let us deliberate on the topic in little detail.
After Quitting Smoking How to Clean Lungs
Some one after quitting smoking, eventually may ask, Do I need to detoxify my lungs ? The simple and straight forward answer is YES. Even you don’t smoke yourself, you are always a passive smoker. People around you who smoke and also due to the pollution in the environment you live, you are always inhaling the harmful chemicals. So Detoxifying the lungs is a must to rejuvenate the it.
Detoxification of lungs do not warrant big medical processes and in fact it is a very easy natural process which one can practice at the comforts of his home. To answer the pertinent question of After Quitting Smoking How to Clean Lungs ? Here is how you can cleanse or detoxify it by following just under mentioned three methods.

Pollution Free Environment

The first and foremost task for detoxification is to live in a environment which is pollution free or less polluted and where lots of greenaries exist around you casting fresh oxygen to inhale. If you live in such environment for a reasonable period of time, by natural process, your lungs will be detoxified.

Water and Juices

Drinking plenty of water and taking fresh juices at least twice or thrice a day, do the wonders in the cleansing process of your lungs. It is said that drink minimum 5 liters of water in a day. There are many Water Therapy Benefits.  Take lemon water on leaving the bed in the morning, Preferably take a glass of carrot juice during your breakfast, Take a glass of preferably pineapple juice with your lunch and at the bed time take a class of cranberry juices. The above mentioned juices are known for its detoxifying property, therefore they are strongly recommended in the said orders.

Yogic Exercises

Every day carry out Yoga and Pranayam particularly in the morning hours when oxygen content in the environment is maximum. It helps you naturally to cleanse your lungs and to rejuvenate it. Whenever some one ask me that After Quitting Smoking How to Clean Lungs, I always prescribe Yogic Exercises  as it has the proven effect on the lungs.
You can follow the above three important processes to detoxify the lungs. You must adopt a good life style, must avoid junk and fast foods. It is important to make a habit of taking lots of green vegetables and high fiber foods in diet. You should promise to yourself to never ever SMOKE again in life. This sermon will definitely be the answer to the question of After Quitting Smoking How to Clean Lungs ?

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