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Hearing Loss Treatment in Ayurveda As a Most Viable Solution

While dealing with the cases of ear pain and subsequent hearing loss in adults, we find Hearing Loss Treatment in Ayurveda as the best option. It is not only very convenient but cost-effective too.

Often it happens that the pain which we feel in the ear may come from somewhere else such as teeth, Jaws, Sinus or even the throat. The pain which is not attributable to the ear is often called “referred” pain. It is also often found that persistent ear pain in adults is not caused by ear infections but some other referred causes. Prolonged ear infections and pain results into temporary or permanent hearing losses, In this article, let us concentrate on the various ways of hearing loss treatment in Ayurveda for adults.

Prolonged ear infections and associated ear pain result into temporary or permanent hearing losses, In this article, let us concentrate on the various ways of hearing loss treatment in Ayurveda for temporary hearing losses in general.

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Causes of the persistent ear pain in adults

To deal with the problem, we must first find out the problem and then find out the cause, hearing loss treatment in Ayurveda can follow subsequently. Few things to notice while dealing with the persistent ear pain are to find the seat of the problem which is usually in one ear. On the physical examination of the ear canal, we may find that the ear canal may be itchy, there may be the presence of drain fluid or pus, redness of the skin etc. If you look at the anatomy of the ear, you may find many parts associated with it and one or more of such parts may be responsible for causing persistent ear pain in adults. After finding out the seat and the symptoms of the pain in the ear and subsequent hearing losses, hearing loss treatment in Ayurveda can begin.

 persistent ear pain in adults
Anatomy of Ear

Hearing Loss Treatment in Ayurveda at Home for Adults

1.   The first and most important thing in the hearing loss treatment in ayurveda is to ensure that ear canal is clean, dry and without any infection. Never attempt to clean the canal with ear buds. instead use some good ear drops as cleanser which do the job just by putting few drops into it.

2.   In cases of intense pain Warm compresses and some times even Cool compresses may help to sooth the pain. So use them according to their efficacy which is often differ case to case basis.

3.   Olive oil is known for its medicinal properties for cases of ear pain. Pour 2-3 drops of olive oil in the infected ear.

4.   Garlic is also used widely to treat ear pains because of its analgesic and antibiotic properties. Crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and put it into sesame oil and heat them till the garlic colour changes to deep brownish or blackish. Now let it cool down, strain it and put few drops of oil into the paining ear. You may find relief from it.

5.  Hearing loss treatment in ayurveda initiate to use Onion extracts to treat the ear pain. Take out onion juice by grating it and put 2-3 drops in the paining ear at an interval of one hour 2-3 times. Onion extract is antiseptic in nature and is known to sooth earaches easily.

Some Other Home Remedies for Ear Pain

  • Often you may find it hard to cleanse the ear canal from its dirt, wax or infections and it leads to temporary hearing loss. For hearing loss treatment in ayurveda, use Hydrogen Peroxide solution which is easily available at the pharmacy shops and pour 3-4 drops of it to clean the dirt and waxes inside the ear canal.
  • For earaches caused by pressure which is often witnessed while going to the areas of high altitude or even travelling in the aircrafts, simple use of chewing gums may eliminate the pain or at least sooth it.
  • Use of Basil leaves extracts for earaches is also very popular with rural folks. So they can be tried safely.
  • Ginger has got anti-inflammatory properties and are excellent home remedies for the cases of earache. You can use Ginger extracts or juices in few drops to treat the condition. Mixture of Ginger extracts and olive oil is known to cause miraculous effects on ear pains.
  • Peppermint oil can also be used to eliminate ear pain in adults. You can use it 2-3 drops 4-5 times a day on equal interval to get the pain relieved.

Preventive Measures for Ear Pain

There are few DOs and DONTs which can be followed to prevent an earache at the first place. They are as follows.

  • Avoid Smoking. Smokers are very susceptible to earaches.
  • Never use Earbuds to clean your ears or in the case of itching. They are known to cause more harm than doing good to it.
  • After bathing dry out your ears completely. You can use carefully even the hair dryers for it.
  • Use few drops of Olive oil, mustard oil or any mineral oil before going for bath and swimming.
  • For children ensure that milk or such things do not fall into the ear duct because they may infect it very soon.
  • Avoid using earphones for a longer duration.

Hope this article will help in getting rid of ear pain and hearing losses by the method of hearing loss treatment in Ayurveda. For the efficacy of these home remedies and your experiences, please do write me in the comment box.

Keep in Good Health. Thanks 🙂

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