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Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss

Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss at Home

The modern way of life, less exercise, anxiety, pollution and sedentary work style always becomes a cause for gaining weight. Any shortcut is it in our daily life, workplaces or eating habits, all causes and contributes to weight gain. Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss can play a responsible role to alleviate this problem.


Obesity is termed as a disease when the cause of the weight gain is some physiological problems. But in simple terminology weight gain itself is not a disease. However, it may lead to and cause several diseases. Weight if not brought under control, this ultimately leads to affected diseases many of which turn itself in chronic disease. Weight gain is not good for our life and there are excellent Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss  which can be practiced even in our homes.


High blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, diabetes, decrease the functioning of the pancreas, heart-related problems, asthma or bronchitis problems, constipation, liver diseases etc are some of the problems which may be caused by the increased weight. Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss are the excellent tips to control and fight the fat in our bodies.


Garlic for Obesity Treatment


Garlic: It is one of the very good homes available Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss to fight the weight gain and is often used for Obesity Treatment.


Take 3 cloves of garlic and just after getting up from the bed, simply take it with one or two glass of water. Remember you must not have eaten or taken anything before this. You should remain without consuming any food or liquid minimum for one hour after taking garlic.


After practicing minimum for a month, you will start realizing marked changes in your body. Not only the weight gain is arrested but also it will start reducing the various effects which weight gain might have caused in your body. You will observe a glowing face indicating the return of all around good health.


Detoxing Tea: Take half tea spoon of cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and the whole fennel seeds. Boil it for 5 to 7 minutes on medium flame, strain out the seeds and take half glass of this tea early in the morning on getting up from the bed. It will greatly help in arresting your weight gain. You can also use a pinch of Malabar Black Pepper to enhance its potency and taste.


Modifying your eating habits:
The most important Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss is to try to become a vegetarian, eat maximum vegetables and avoid taking water during eating as a key mantra for a controlled weight and over all good health. Taking 10 to 20% less than what your body is craving for is another thumb rule for controlling weight. Fasting once in a week is another important and good habit.


Breakfast:  Include daily freshly prepared a glass of juice of any fruit. Daily change the fruits while preparing juice. Take flour made food and avoid rice in the morning.


Lunch: There is a proverb that always takes lunch like a king. Eat anything but always be vegetarian. Just avoid taking water during eating. Avoid sleeping after lunch is also of paramount importance.


Dinner: Eat lightly like a Sanyasi or hermit. Always take your dinner at least one hour before going to bed. Wash your feet before going to bed is another good practice for a good sleep.


A Good Night Sleep and following the principle of Early to bed and Early to Rising, greatly help in maintaining a good health and is helpful in Obesity Treatment

These suffice the Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss. We sincerely advise our readers to practice these tips at the comforts of their homes to control obesity. Thanks.


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