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Benefits of Yoga for Women and Men to Achieve Perfect Health

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Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga for Women and Men in Our Daily Life

In ancient India Yoga has been a part of our life style. Rishis, Maharshis and Yogis have always propounded and advocated the Health Benefits of Yoga for Women and Men in our daily life and they enforced it as a practice right from the childhood days or from the students life called Brahmcharya period. Yoga is practiced not only as an activity at the mental level, but it is also acted and practiced at mental, emotional and above all the spiritual levels. Summarily Yoga is not an exercise but a part of the life style which every individual needs to religiously practice.

Benefits of Yoga for Women and Men

Yoga is said to be one of the most trusted way of increasing body flexibility, reducing weight for the overweight person and increasing weight for the under weight personnel and reducing mental stress. In a recent study concluded on cellular biology it has been demonstrated that Yoga significantly boost our immune system and establishes a balance between body and mind. It fights well with the anxiety problems and helps in achieving sound sleep which is an essential function for body tissue rejuvenation and repairs.

There are enumerable poses of Yoga however for the sake of its classification it can be broadly divided into four types on the basis of its action.

(i) Physical
(ii) Mental
(iii) Emotional
(iv) Spiritual

People often gets confused with mental, emotional and spiritual kinds of Yoga because they originate and relate singularly with the concept of mind and they appear more or less of similar types. However one must always remember that they are not similar and they are the by products of mind and they get evolve from its source to sound and exist differently. Based on the above narrative of kinds here after in the following paras, I am going to narrate and enumerate different Health Benefits of Yoga for Women and Men.



Here are 50 Health Benefits of Yoga for Women and Men


1.Betters bone health
2.Boosts immune system
3.Helps with lymphatic drainage
4.Builds muscle strength
5.Drops blood pressure
6.Eases pain
7.Gives the lungs room to breath
8.Helps you breathe better
9.Greater body awareness
10.Helps the body detoxify
11.Helps with weight loss
12.Helps to sleep better
13.Improves balance
14.Improves coordination
15.Improves flexibility
16.Increases blood flow
17.Increases energy-level
18.Keeps viruses and allergies away
19.Lowers blood sugar
20.Lowers cholesterol
21.Maintains nervous system
22.Perfects posture
23.Prevents digestive problems
24.Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
25.Protects the spine
26.Regulates adrenal glands
27.Regulates hormones
28.Releases tension
29.Supports the connective tissue
30.Fights food cravings
31.Boosts sexual performance
32.Eases migraines


1.Helps to focus
2.Helps to develop mindfulness
3.Improves concentration
4.Improves brain function


1.Boosts confidence
2.Benefits relationships
3.Encourages self-care
4.Encourages self-healing
5.Contributes to a healthier lifestyle
6.Gives peace of mind
7.Increases self-esteem
8.Makes you happier
9.Relaxes your system
10.Contributes to stress and anxiety reduction


1.Builds awareness for transformation
2.Encourages spiritual growth
3.Gives inner strength
4.Helps to meditate

The above description will hopefully suffice the topic about the Benefits of Yoga for Women and Men.


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