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All You Need To Know About Dry Cough Natural Remedies

A cough is a symptomatic condition of infection which affects throat and windpipes. It sometimes affects even lungs. Literally, cough can be categorized into two types, dry cough, and wet cough. Both types of a cough are irritative and problematic to the sufferer. The symptom of a cough combined with running nose and sometimes fever is a most typical condition of the seasonal disease. It grapples a large population who are subjected to the seasonal changes. Dry Cough Natural Remedies easily available in the home kitchens are very good to deal with such problems.

The condition of Dry Cough usually do not produce sputum or phlegm and is often said to be caused by the spread of dust particles or allergic conditions. It causes irritation to our windpipe and the back of the throat. A sensuous tingling can be often felt by the sufferer inside his mouth. On the other hand, the wet cough is often a result of viral infection or disease like bronchitis, pneumonia etc. In wet cough, lots of mucous phlegm is produced.

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Dry Cough Natural Remedies

There are Dry Cough Natural Remedies whereby we can very easily cure a dry cough and soothe our throat infections. In the following paragraphs, I am going to deliberate upon them one by one.


Dry Cough Natural Remedies

Use of ginger as a Dry Cough Natural Remedies has been practiced in India since the time immemorial. Ginger can be used in many forms as below.

  • Cut ginger in a small piece and just keep it in your mouth and use it like lounges. It will relieve irritation to a great extent and will also prevent coughing.
  • Chop ginger into small pieces, crush it and boil it in a cup of water for some times. Use of few black peeper along with ginger is much more beneficial. Drink water in sips like tea.
  • Use this Dry Cough Natural Remedies at least thrice a day for 2-3 days to be completely cured of the dry cough.


Turmeric is a highly anti-inflammatory natural ingredient. It can be used to soothe inflation of our throat and windpipe areas which might be caused due to profuse coughing. Turmeric contains Curcumin which is highly effective for such conditions.

Use one teaspoon of turmeric powder along with a pinch of black pepper powder and boil it in a cup of water. Drink this Dry Cough Natural Remedies in sips thrice a day to get relief from a dry cough.


Widely available in nature, Honey is another naturally available substance which can be used for soothing our throat from the irritations caused due to persistent dry coughing.

Honey has got analgesic, antimicrobial properties and is a strong anti-oxidant. Therefore it acts like Dry Cough Natural Remedies which help to tone down the strained tissues, reduce inflammation and helps to soothe irritation.

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Preparation of Magic Cough Syrup


We call it magic cough syrup because in many instances it has been found to relieve the dry cough conditions instantly like a magic. You can use all the above-discussed ingredients together like lemon, honey, and ginger to prepare this syrup as follows.

  • Take a lemon and cut it into slices.
  • Use two spoonfuls of pure honey.
  • Take 10-15 gms. of ginger sliced into thin layers.

Put all the above ingredients into a glass of water and let it first boil and then simmer until it is reduced to a cup of water. Now strain this herbal solution. It is ready for use.

Drink this magic cough syrup like tea. Use this herbal magic preparation three times a day. You will be surprisingly relieved of the dry cough condition mostly in a day itself.

Apart from the above discussed Dry Cough Natural Remedies, Garlic, Tulsi and betel leaves can also be used to get relief from a dry cough.

After using above preparations, if you are not relieved and still the symptoms persist, it is highly advisable to consult a physician for an on hand examination and desired treatment. If these conditions are left treated, sometimes they exaggerate into Asthma. So one need to be little careful.

All the Best.

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