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The Truth About What Is The Use Of Skin Toner Is About To Be Revealed

Before getting into the topic of deliberation on What is the Use of Skin Toner, Let us first talk about, understand and clarify the basics of the subject i.e Skin Toners.

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What is Skin Toner ?

Skin Toner is an ingredient to tone up, strengthen or rejuvenate the Skin. What is the Use of Skin Toner ? Well as pointed earlier, It is basically used to cleanse and tone up the skin areas from dust particles, polluting agents or impurities of the skin.

What is the Use of Skin TonerNow the most pertinent question before us is about the content or ingredients of the Toner. In terms of simplicity , even the plane clean water which is used for washing the face can be also termed as a toner. Because It performs almost all the functions of the much talked about and renowned toners, but off course in a limited way. So let us find about the ingredients of the Toners.

What are the ingredients of Toner ?

Skin Toners are basically composed of herbal extracts. Oil substances are often used to prepare it and water is often utilized as base liquid. Some toners also contain Alcoholic contents to deal with the oily skins. There are many good skin toners available in our nearby stores, some of them are made by very renowned companies. Before going to learn about What is the Use of Skin Toner, let us first find out the different types.

Are all Skin Toners are same or are they of different kinds? Can they be classified into different types?

What are the types of Toner ?

Toners are classified based upon their utility and the effects they cause upon variety of skin types. There are Hydrating Toner, Soothing Toner, pH Balancing Toner, Calming Toner and Cleansing Toner etc. These toners basically absorb the moist content of the skin, destroy lingering bacteria over it and provide a calming or soothing effect to the individuals.

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What is the Use of Skin Toner ?

As discussed, to tone up the skin, we use skin toners. It provides a soothing effect and rejuvenate it to glow and cause a youthful impression. Skin Toners help to balance the pH ratio of the skin. It is basically anti-bacterial and anti-aging in nature.

There are specific ways in which the toners should be used to derive maximum effect.

What are the ways to use Toner ?

It must use some good cleanser before using the Skin Toner. The following paras describes how to use the toner ?

  • Start the process preferably going to the bed at night.
  • Wash your face with Luke warm water.
  • Then Splash the face with cold water.
  • Dry up the face using cotton towel.
  • Use the Toner with cotton pads and apply it evenly on face, neck and decolletage skin areas.
  • Let it dry and remain there throughout the night.
  • Wash your skin in the morning with clean water at normal temperature.
  • Apply some good cream.

Herbal Magic Skin Toner

For the benefit of my readers and women folks particularly at large, I would like to prescribe a home made herbal magic skin toner which can be used very safely and without any side effects at the comfort of your homes. The procedure to prepare the magic skin toner is as follows.

  • Take a cup of hot water.
  • Take 3 sachets of green tea leaves and prepare green tea.
  • Mix a tablespoon of organic honey into it.
  • Add few drops of virgin olive oil or Jasmine Essential Oil.
  • Use few drops of Apple-Cider Vinegar.
  • Mix all the contents evenly and let the ingredients cool down.
  • Now You can apply the home prepared Herbal Magic Skin Toner on your face as described above.

Hope you are going to be greatly benefited by this article and have understood What is the Use of Skin Toner. All the Best.

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