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Perfect Water Fasting Plan for Rejuvenation and Vitality

Why at the first place make a Water Fasting Plan ? Is it such an important subject in our day to day life that deserves so much of attention. Does it really require so much of time and energy to make such plan at the first place? To deliberate upon such an oblivious topic, let us study and find out sincerely the importance of it.

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What is Water Fasting?

Water Fasting is a purification process of our body. It helps us to eliminate all solid and liquid food particles to cleanse the body and detoxify it. Water Fasting literally mean that during the period of fasting no other items will be consumed except the water.

But in practice it is meant that no solid food is taken, raw food in form of vegetable and fruits are taken with ample amount of liquid juices.

There are different types of water that are used during Water Fasting period. But the most recommended and tried out is the Grander Water. It is obtained by the generally reverse osmosis filtering process. Ok, now let us prepare the Water Fasting Plan to successfully complete the whole procedure.

How to Prepare Grander Water? Is it available at grocery shops or malls?

Grander Water is no ordinary water at least this much has been clear by reading the above material. Well, its TRUE. It is difficult to prepare at home because it requires preservation of so many organic substances of water which tends to get eliminated during the filtering process.

Grander Water, in short, is the purest form of mountainous spring water. In India, You can find an equivalent of Grander Water at the origin of river Ganga at the site of Gangotri.

Water at this point carries with it several most beneficial minerals with it. They are drawn from the mountainous terrain of jungles of Himalaya with proven medicinal values. Otherwise, you can opt for purchasing it from malls. Grander Water is said to possess certain properties which are enumerated as below.

  • Water stay fresh for the longer duration of time, sometimes up to months together.
  • Even after preservation for a longer duration, there will be no foul smell.
  • It will taste the same as it was at the beginning
  • It tastes holistic with a peculiar aroma.
  • Excellent for preparing food and drinking.
  • Highly beneficial for our skin as it keeps it soft and eradicates prickly heat rashes.
  • Good for plants to keep them healthy and better growth.

Some other types of Water for preparing Water Fasting Plan

In a situation where Grander Water is not available. Good filtered water, alkaline water or clear and pure spring water can be used for water fasting. Only criteria that should be born in mind is to ensure that, water in use is not contaminated and harmful to the body.

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Water Fasting Plan Schedules

While preparing the Water Fasting Plan, various stages can be chalked as below.

(i) Preparation before the start of the Fasting.
(ii) Follow-ups during the Fast.
(iii) Procedures after the Fast.

One by one I am going to deliberate upon the above topics.

Preparation before start of the Fasting

Generally whilst preparing the Water Fasting Plan, we apt to decide upon the whole period for which this type of fasting is practiced. At an average, various experts have been practicing it for a week time i.e 7 days period. You can choose for the beginning day and it should culminate just one day period to the day.

coconut water and fruit juices

Do’s and Don’ts

Certain do’s and don’t should be strictly followed while preparing the Water Fasting Plan. They can be listed as follows.

(i) Only Vegetarian products should be taken. Non-Veg food items are strictly prohibited.
(ii) No cooked food item should be taken. Everything should be consumed in its raw form.
(iii) Plenty of leafy vegetables, fruits should be taken.
(iv) Ample amount of fruit juices and water to be consumed.
(v) Periodicity for taking the food intakes should be strictly maintained depending upon person to person.

Based upon the above menus, you can prepare a Water Fasting Plan something like below.

Days 1-3: Take only blanched with steamed vegetable food products. Drink plenty of water.
Days 4-6: Take only Fruit or vegetable juices as and when required. Drink plenty of water. Coconut water is also very good during this period.
Days 7: Take only Water and drink plenty of it.

Follow-ups during the Fast

When you are engrossing on such a detoxifying mission, you must be always in the careful eyes of medical professionals. Therefore during the period of fasting, routine daily medical checks are a must.

During the period of fasting, very light exercises, yoga, Pranayam, and meditation should be unequivocally practiced.

One should undertake complete rest and sound sleep to heighten Water Therapy Benefits.

No modern days gadgets like Television, phones or internet communication should be entertained.

One should also attempt to spiritually purify oneself.

Procedures after the Fast

Remember you have just come out of a very rigid and holistic program. So exposure to the outside environment should be slow and progressive. Straightway jumping to the old wagon schedules may not be worthy for you. So it is better to adapt and go slow on all the routine activities.

Try to implement the above discussed Water Fasting Plan in your fasting regime and you will surely notice the difference.


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