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How to Relax Your Eyes : 5 Eye Relaxation Techniques

Eye strain if prolonged may cause serious eyesight problems. So it is important to relax your eyes periodically. But the question is How to relax your eyes?

A strained eye usually causes blurred vision, heaviness in eyes, headaches more properly called ocular headaches and finally anxiety.

Observing right technique to relax the eyes is most important. Many people do not know how to relax their eyes?

In order to respond to the question, how to relax your eyes, we have come across practicing certain methodological approach to achieve it.

These eye relaxation methods will help to offer some relief to your eyes. Do not use these techniques when your eyes are tired or if you’re suffering from any eye ailment.

The first one is really simple and might be performed even when you’re in a meeting.

The very best way to do that is if you concentrate on distant objects. Don’t fall asleep because you may snore and that could be embarrassing in front of other individuals.

Another step for the exercise of eye rest methods envisages placing your elbows and cover your eyes with your hands. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through the nose.

The third method prescribes a different approach. Hold your breath for about 3 seconds and after that expel it. Keep training this exercise for around thirty to forty seconds and do it as frequently as you can throughout the day.

These methods to relax your eyes could unwind your eyes and could give you fresh energy for your work.

In view of the above deliberations, we have come across some specific ways to relieve the eye strain. In the following paragraphs, we are going to enlist them one by one.

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1. How to Relax Your Eyes, The Palming Way

The Palming way to relax eyes

Massage your hands with one another till they feel lukewarm. Put your palms over your eyes in a way that will not apply pressure to your eyeballs.

Do not cover your nose with your palms and be certain that no light is seen throughout your fingers or from the sides of your palms. Imagine whole darkness and make yourself comfortable to focus.

Practice this method as often as you could and for an as long duration as you are comfortable with. This technique relaxes your eyes to a great length. It is also known to cure  Styes in Eye.

2. How to Relax Your Eyes, The Concentration Exercise

Concentration to relax eyes

Do this exercise for 10-15 seconds and repeat a few times.

Bring the arm gradually and touch your nose with the pencil. Keep the pencil there for sometimes and then revert back your hands.

Repeat this procedure at least 10 times for total relaxation of the eyes.

3. How to Relax Your Eyes, The Eye Spa Way

The spa way to relax eyes

Breathe slowly and seriously and think of anything nice. Apply cold and hot compresses to your eyes.

Soak one hand towel in warm water and one in cold water. Rub one on your brows, closed eyelids, and cheeks. Keep changing both compresses, but end with the cold one.

Rub a towel soaked in warm water on your neck, forehead, and cheeks, but don’t rub the towel over your eyes. Use a light touch and scrub your hands to avoid damage to your eyes.

Concentrate on an object that’s around 150 legs away. Move your eyes gradually to any object that’s near you without moving your head.

This technique is known to relax and cure the heaviness effects of the eyes and provide a greater degree of relief.

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4. How to Relax Your Eyes, The Scanning Way

The scanning way to relax eyes

Close your one eye and move your head to a Figure of 8.

You can also practice another method by visualizing a ball at some distance from your eyes on the floor, moving in a direction of 8. Try to move your eyeballs along with the movement of the visualized ball in the figure of 8.

Place yourself before a fencing, window or something which has bars which are evenly spaced apart. Let your body hang loose and focus on some distant object while moving your weight from one base to the other in a consistent pattern.

This scanning method of relaxing eyes is quite popular because it naturally fights the strain on eyes.

5. How to Relax Your Eyes, The Blinking Way

Blinking to relax eyes

Blinking of eyes is natural and essential to prevent the eyes from drying up.

Many times it happens that as if you forget to blink. People due to their very nature of the job are tempted to work with visual concentration for the longer duration of time.

It causes their eyes to dry up and thus irritation or scratchiness. If the condition continues for longer times, it may cause serious problems to the eyes.

Periodic lubrication of eyes is very important. Blinking helps to lubricate the eyes.


Eyes are most important and very tender organ of our body. We must take all precautions to maintain their health.

Please always remember that, as your body needs exercises to keep it fit, so is the case with your eyes. The above methods of how to relax your eyes, provide necessary exercise to it. It helps your eyes to maintain the blood flow to the required parts and the optic nerves strengthened.

People working in the IT fields, Observatory jobs are more prone to develop the eye strains. It is mostly because of the very nature of their jobs.

So for such people, it is always advisable to use the shifting techniques wherein they get up from their work after some times and stroll around their very chair. Shifting body posture periodically also helps to divert the ocular concentration.

Finally please never hesitate to see a doctor if you feel your eye strains can not be maintained by practicing these methods. You doctor may prescribe some medication to hasten or rejuvenate the eyes. He may also advise for glasses if need be.

Hope this article on How to Relax Your Eyes will help you to overcome some of the problems of the eye strain and you will be able to self-manage the syndrome.

Do let me know if you have some tips or suggestions about the article which can help us to understand the topic in a better way. Please drop your suggestions in the comment boxes.

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