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How to Reduce Hypertension without Medication in Emergency

In modern lifestyle Hypertension or High Blood Pressure has become one of the most common diseases which is at times life-threatening and serious health hazards. Lack of Sleep, exercise and proper balanced diet is contributing to the cause of the problem. The question is How to Reduce Hypertension or keep it under control. Medication is one of the ways by which high pressure is controlled. But medicines have their own side effects on the body. Is there any other way to control the blood pressure without taking the medicines? In the following paragraphs, we will be deliberating upon that possibilities.

Chinese have been using acupressure techniques for controlling the blood pressure for centuries without using any medicines. They are times tasted and without any side effects.
How to Reduce Hypertension

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How to Reduce Hypertension

In the picture, you can see that there are two points highlighted with red arrows. Let us learn How to Reduce Hypertension by using them.

Point One-to-Two

If you examine physically someone, you may notice that there is a straight line forming just below the right ear lobe on the necklines. You can take help of the above diagram. With the help of your finger tips try pressing on this line very gently upward and downwards. Try this procedure ten times. Remember never put excessive pressure and do the rubbing or squeezing over it. This is an important step to learning How to Reduce Hypertension.

Point Three

Look at the picture. Just below the ear lobes on the face side, there is an arc of about 0.5 inches on both sides of the ear. As performed in the above procedure, similarly by the help of finger tips perform a circular procedure both sides at a times for one minute. While applying pressure, ensure that it is comfortable enough to the patient and he is totally comfortable with it.
Whenever you face someone whose pressure has been aroused circumstantially and these methods can be adopted to immediately bring down the pressure to the desired levels. This Chinese method provides adequate blood circulation to the body to protect us.
When the condition of the patient is stabilized, it is always advisable to take the help of professionals to seek their advice for How to Reduce Hypertension and keep them under control with or without any medication.

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