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How to Cure Ringworm using Natural Ringworm Treatment Methods ?

Ringworm is popularly known as ‘Dermatophytosis‘ in medical terms. It is basically a condition of fungal infection which is highly contagious. Such form of Skin infection can be easily spread from person to person when contacted physically. Ringworm can appear on any part of the body and is general oval or rounded in shape. It appears in a form of red rashes with inflamed bumpy patches of the skin surface and generally causes itching. There are easily available Natural Ringworm Treatment where they can be treated in the comfort of home. In the following paras I am going to deliberate upon five such easily available remedies for this disease.

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5 Herbs for Natural Ringworm Treatment

Mustard Seed

Mustard Seeds Take one tablespoon of yellow mustard seed mix it with some amount of water, crush it and make a thick paste of it. Now apply this paste on the affected areas of the skin surface. It provides immediate relief from itching and helps in healing the wound. This paste can be applied 4-5 times in a day. This is one of the very potent easily available Natural Ringworm Treatment.

Margosa Leaves

Margosa LeavesMargosa leaves can be used in a variety of way to treat Ringworm. They can be boiled in water and the affected parts are cleaned for few minutes with this water. Extracted juice of Margosa leaves when applied 5-6 times on ringworm, provides a most visible healing effect for the disease. The paste of the margosa leaves can also be applied to the affected area.

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TurmericTurmeric is beneficial for many diseases. Raw turmeric is boiled in water and the affected area is washed with water to bring immediate relief. Turmeric paste mixed with honey can also be applied on the ringworm and allow the paste to dry. This formula can be used 3-4 times a day for the cure.

Nail Polish

Nail PolishMore popular in the rural areas, up to quite sometimes back nail polish was used for the treatment of ringworms. Apply a thick coat of the nail polish on the affected parts and allow it to dry. After an hour or so remove the dried coating by peeling it off. After some times again repeat the procedure 2-3 times in a day. This helps in faster cure of the disease. However, use of this formula is being now increasingly discouraged due to mixing and presence of various chemicals in the nail polish which is harmful to the body. Therefore we don’t recommend the use of this procedure anymore.

Basil Leaves

Basil LeavesThis is yet another very potent easily available home remedy for the ringworm. Basil leaves are crushed and its juice is extracted which is used for cleansing the affected areas. Then a paste of it is prepared and applied on ringworm. Basil leaf is known for very quickly curing this skin infection.


One of my friend Mr. KP Santhosh Kashyap connotes the following mixture as a best Natural Ringworm Treatment for the disease. 

Take 10 teaspoon of Neem leaves powder, 5 teaspoons of Turmeric powder, 2.5 teaspoon Black sesame seeds powder and 1.25 teaspoon Camphor, mix all these in coconut oil and apply it on the surface. In three days all ringworm will be gone.
To boost the immune system and natural phenomenon of cleansing the body from toxicity, raw vegetable juices are recommended on a diet. Use of Spinach and Carrot is advised for faster healing. It is always recommended to practice clean and healthy lifestyle which ostensibly reduce chances of contacting such contagious disease. Using Natural Ringworm Treatment saves you from any side effects.


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